New Media Storytelling


Welcome to the website for ITC-2010 Narrative, New Media, and Gaming at Appalachian State University. This course addresses the ways in which we tell stories in the digital age. The stories that are told and the ways that we tell them are becoming increasingly complex, as emerging narratives in today’s world enable interactivity, build community, and utilize social networks.

Through exploring storytelling in social media, mobile contexts, and gaming, students in this course will experience a range of different narratives in many types of digital media, such as interactive online stories, podcasts, and video games. We examine forms of digital storytelling within media, marketing, and education, with opportunities for students to research, participate within, and to create original narratives as they share their own stories in a variety of media.

A new type of narrative is emerging—one that’s sold through many media at once in a way that’s non-linear, that’s participatory and often game-like, and that’s designed above all to be immersive. – Henry Jenkins