Artisan's Pride is "The Premium Meat Market" in Norman, Oklahoma. Dedicated to quality craftsmanship, time-honored tradition and hand crafted expertise, we hand select only the finest products to carry the Artisan's Pride name. Our focus on quality product and great value will ensure that you always receive the best from Artisan's Pride Quality Meats!


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  • Basil ChickenQuality in everything we do.


     Artisan's Pride is committed to bringing you the finest meats in the most variety, everyday. Our Sterling Silver Top-Tier Choice meats have the highest grade marbling available, ensuring consistent, juicy flavor in every bite. Our specialty meats are the cream of the crop, each selected to meet the highest standards of quality. When you shop Artisan's Pride, you can be sure of quality meat every time.

  • Value. More than great prices... QnV

    The Artisan's Pride team saw a vacuum of quality meat providers in the Norman area.  We challenged ourselves, “Why not provide quality meat, at value prices, with the highest level of service, product integrity, sanitation, safety and presentation humanly possible.” 

    We have met these challenges by taking the view of the consumer.  Artisan's Pride is built around customer perspective.  Our first question as a company is always, "What would the customer want?" Our second: "How can we best provide it?"

    Come see how Artisan's Pride delivers quality and value everyday.

  • Roast

     Legendary Service is Our Passion...


    Artisan's Pride Quality Meats is setting the standard for great service. Whether it's your favorite cut of beef, or something more exotic like buffalo or venison, Artisan's Pride delivers the choice you want at a price you'll love. Our commitment to state of the art sanitization, premium product and attention to detail guarantees that you'll be hooked on Artisan's Pride.

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Artisan's Pride
Hand-Made Sausages

Delicious Hand Made Sausages

Fresh Sausages

Fresh, uncured, seasoned sausage offered in distinct traditional flavors including Country Sausage, Italian Sausage, Hot Italian Sausage, and Bratwurst.  We offer sausage made in house; fresh ground and seasoned with only fresh herbs and spices from our own pantry. Other sausages are available upon request. Our sausages get rave reviews! Try them today!!








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