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Reclaimed Cedar Weathered Reclaimed Cedar Weathered
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All of our products labeled Antique wood or Reclaimed wood have served in a previous use, usually from an old structure such as a barn or warehouse that has reached the end of its usuable life. All of these woods qualify as materials reuse for LEED Certification. While knowing that you are contributing to the sustainability of our forest resources is cool, the connection to our past is even more cool. Most of the wood can be traced to a general sources such as the Tobacco Oak originating from tobacco drying barns in Kentucky. Other times we can trace the source back a very specific structure that include: Spiegel Catalog Warehouse, Heinz, Buster Brown Shoe Factory, Dan River Mill and the list goes on. Even if the source is not so romantic you know that re-using such a basic resource is not only the environmentally friendly thing to do, but it is also the design friendly thing to do as our wide range of Antique wood and Reclaimed wood can become the "wow factor" in any design. The options include Antique Timbers, Barn Siding, Hand Hewn Timbers, Antique Wood Paneling, and of course, Antique Wood Flooring.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Recently we had the opportunity to donate wood to the wonderful show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. They built 7 homes in 7 days for families affected by the devistating tornado. We originally send our Reclaimed Cedar Weathered for the cabin themed home, but when the wood arrived the designers knew it would be of better use in the beech themed home. They were able to recreate an old beech front wood fence and board walk. We love what they did with this wood and wonder what creative uses you could think of for this or any of our wood products..

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