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What Is Hourglass Fabrications?

Hi, my name is Joe Carr, and Hourglass Fabrications is my homegrown 3D printing business. 3D printing is a fantastic new technology where digital objects are brought into reality by printing them with fused filament plastic.
There are many uses for 3D printing: physical dioramas of architectural designs, tiny replacement plastic pieces for hard to find parts, or protyping ideas and inventions are just a few ways to utilize my services. Hourglass Fabrications allows people who are looking for a 3D printing service to work with me in an easy and understandable way.

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What Is Hourglass Fabrications ?

Hi, my name is Joe Carr, and Hourglass Fabrications is my homegrown 3D printing business. 3D printing is the process by which I turn a 3D digital file on a computer and turn it into real physical tangible plastic object. There are many uses for this, from printing out physical dioramas of architectural designs to tiny replacement plastic pieces for hard to find parts. If you want to hear more about me, my printers, or the process, just click the link below.

Hourglass Fabrications will no longer be accepting any orders. Thank you for your consideration, but I have to close shop for the time being.

What I Offer

It is pretty simple what Hourglass can do for you. I can build an object using your digital file - I can work with all sorts of different file formats so don't be too concerned about having a refined .STL file. But say you don't even know about digital 3D rendering... no problem. I can do the design work for you. For example if you have a broken part.. get me the pieces and I will go to work with my precision calipers to make a replacement with the same tolerances. Or perhaps you just have a bunch of crazy drawings and sketches and the like. I can probably sort it out with enough correspondence. The main point is that all that is required to make your project happen is the concept/idea/need and communication with me.
My rates are affordable and fair, especially compared to some other 3D printing services, And if you are in southcentral Alaska.. then you don't even have to worry about shipping!
Getting a quote for a project is as easy as filling out my form and sending me some general information on the project.


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I want to accredit the wonderful photographer Grace Virginia Kari for giving me permission to publish a couple of the photos she took of me on this website. Visit her website here.

Many of the models on this site were not designed by me, and I do not own intellectual rights as to the images of. However, the licenses directing the images of these models states that they may be used so long as the original author is credited with the creation. Here are the links to the thingverse pages for each of these models in order to properly credit the creators of these amazing models. If one of your models is on my website, and you wish for it's image to be taken down, please send me an email on my order page and we can talk.