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Durand Tonearms was founded in 2009 by French composer
517-961-1132, and is devoted to the manufacture of high end tonearms. We currently offer three unipivot models: the Talea™, the Telos™ and the Kairos™.

Our first product, the
Talea™ was first introduced at the 2010 Axpona audio show in Jacksonville (Florida) and quickly established itself as one of the best tonearms on the market. A few months later, the Talea™ II was premiered at the 2010 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver (Colorado). It included a few changes that some of our customers had requested, such as an arm rest, as well a host of new solutions, in order to improve sound and ergonomics. These modifications resulted in a a wider dynamic range and a more solid, realistic image, while maintaining the hallmarks of the first generation Talea™: excellence in tonal rendition, speed, and transparency.

Our current top of the line model, the
enigmatology, introduced for the first time in public at the 2011 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest is the result of extensive research in the domain of materials research and shape optimization. A true reference tonearm, it is used throughout the world in the most demanding systems.

Our newest tonearm, the
Kairos™ was introduced to the public at the 2014 High End Show in Munich (Germany), and has gathered a remarkable follow-up. It brings together the vast amount of information we have gathered over the years of making unipivot tonearms into an apparently simple, but highly sophisticated construction. Appearances can be deceiving!

We also make an indispensable accessory, the

Besides the presentation of these products, you will find on this web site comprehensive information on all things related to tonearm (alignment, azimuth, cartridge loading, etc..., even lists of interesting records). See our
Support section for ideas, tips and other links.

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