Peace4Kids Community as Family

Peace4Kids Saturday Program

Watts/Willowbrook Boys and Girls Club
1339 E. 120th St. in Los Angeles, one block east of S. Central Ave.


The heart of our organization: our clients. Create client records. Upload client photo and indicate allergies, physical issues and pertinent information useful to staff. All client record information starts here.

(928) 754-4076


Category forms are used to enter list values which populate the drop down lists for the P4K Forms Manager. This creates the centralized lookup for all list items through out the site.

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Pyhsical and Medical

Track Special Needs, allergies and health issues easily. Staff use this information to determine appropriate levels of play, meals and environmental settings.

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Client Contacts

Track emergency contacts, parents, guardian, social worker, attorney, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, grandparents, well, you get the picture.



During the Month of May, 100% of all Music Proceeds to Benefit Peace4Kids

  • Return on Investment Guaranteed

    These days, few investments are a sure thing. However, at Peace4Kids a donation to support foster youth going to camp is a solid offering

  • A Day to Learn By

    It was an afternoon in Watts and the crowd swelled as the voices began to rise.

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  • Programs and Resources

    Peace4Kids provides our youth with 4 programs:

    • Saturday program
    • Teen Program
    • Emancipation Services Program
    • Mentor Program
  • Community as Family

    When children and teens walk through the doors of Peace4Kids for their first time, they have no idea what to expect. As they walk through the doors, they are welcomed by smiling faces, a warm welcome from all of the wonderful Peace4Kids volunteers and they realize….this is a different kind of place


Zaid Gayle

One of the things missing from the lives of foster kids is people who can be consistent in their lives from Square One to 1,000."

Marni Otway

When a kid moves, they lose everything — their friends, their homes, their pets, even the food they eat."

Saturday Program

The main point-of-entry to Peace4Kids is The Core Saturday Program, which provides creative and educational courses, field trips, summer camping trips, life skills and mentorship opportunities for over 200 youth, ages 5-18.

Teen Program

The Peace4Kids Teen Program provides youth ages 13-19 a focus on independent living skills, emotional and behavioral intelligence, economic literacy, dream discovery and goal setting.

Emancipation Services

Providing a far greater depth of service, this program serves youth up to seven days a week, preparing them with invaluable skills as they ready themselves to “age out” of the foster care system.

Mentoring Program

The Peace4Kids Mentor Program links foster and at-risk youth with caring adults who have made long-term commitments to mentorship.


The true strength of our programs is our volunteers, who are individuals who want to make an impact in the lives of foster youth.


We create a strong foundation through programs focused on creative expression and life skills, allowing our kids to discover their unique voice and limitless potential for success.


The Peace4Kids board and the team

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Your tax-deductible contribution will help us work closer with foster and at-risk youth, and guide their journey into adulthood. It is the only way we will be able to expand and sustain our programs.

We welcome new sponsors, appreciate volunteers and gratefully accept your contributions as we expand our programs to increase the number of children we can serve