Smart Oversight
Speed up your due-diligence processes
our AML & KYC automated solution

Your challenges

Financial institutions face a constant flow of new regulations that dramatically increase cost of compliance, and it impacts especially the AML and KYC processes. Regulators require financial institutions to have a deep knowledge of their clients. Resulting investigations imply collection and analysis of never ending list of data sources, consuming more and more your human capital.

Sustain or decrease costs
for on-boarding new clients

Keep up-to-date data
of clients and partners

Maintain clear audit trails
of all steps taken during the AML due diligence process

Breaking with the downtrend

Our solution helps your company to tackle these challenges

Our Value Proposition…

… is to reduce the number of resources dedicated to AML process with an expected ROI up to 200%.
Unlocking value and returning to your core business.
Your AML data are centralised in an automated and streamlined process.

Automated screening
of sanction lists, PEP lists & web data sources

Aggregation of all your AML data
in a single tool

Management of AML validation process
of due-diligence performed

Easy integration
in your current IT systems and databases

Cryptographically signed
audit trails

Solution available
on premise or SaaS model

Who is concerned ?

Banks & Insurance Companies

Management Companies

Corporate Services Companies

Law firms

Brokers & Real Estate Companies

Any regulated financial institutions or regulated activity


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