How it works

Basically, Maluf-assist watches you play online poker against your friends and instantly calculates the Expected Value of each possible action. Watch our introduction video for more details.

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Maluf-assist artificial neural network integrates multiple poker solving algorithms to find the best speed-to-accuracy ratio. Its calculated poker optimal strategies has shown very good results against the most advanced solvers available, besides being incredibly faster.

In a nutshell, Maluf-assist AI plays against itself and other solvers 24/7 to improve its poker skills and speed.


I’m impressed! Maluf-assist is teaching me so many new strategies and moves. Playing is even more fun now. I’m already applying new tricks on my weekly Home Game and I managed to win a few bucks! I’m learning for free now!

Recreational Player

Not long ago ICM calculators and Optimal Pre-Flop Ranges surfaced and changed the whole Online Poker scenario. These concepts are considered essential today. The new era of GTO solved solutions already started and Maluf-assist is part of it.

2+2 Forum Veteran

After learning with Maluf-assist I could add up 2 more tables. Besides that, my red line is not down anymore and my BB/100 is sky high! It fixed so many leaks in my game that I’m surprised. This is a very cheap way of learning poker and GTO.

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All installation files will be sent to you after the payment confirmation of your first package purchase. More details for Free Trial are available at the bottom of this page.

How can I know the amount of advice I have left?

Your current Advice Balance is available in Maluf-assist live advice window. For a detailed statement, log in and visit My Account > My Advice.


No. Maluf-assist is not able to play by itself and has built-in safety features to avoid automatic play. In fact, we do not recommend players to follow blindly its advice. The most effective way of learning with this tool is to figure out the reasons behind its advice, and adjust the optimally evaluated plays for the opponents’ tendencies.

Is this illegal, prohibited or unfair?

Absolutely not. Maluf-assist is design to work only on private games. As an extra layer of fairness, we recommend all players to inform opponents about all tools that are being used during poker matches.

If you want to try Maluf-assist for free, please fill our Free Trial request form and we’ll contact you very soon!

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