Enterprise Class Data Storage

Simplified low cost pricing for data storage

This is the way corporate data should be managed

Simple pricing per TB

No access and retrieval charges

Predictable performance and cost

No storage duration charges

Massive, high density storage capacity


At Prima, we believe organisations should have more control over the total cost of their IT ownership.  We believe their should be alternatives to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud with their complex, expensive services.  Prima provides enterprise class data storage solutions designed and built with constant innovation and technical excellence to give you more control, better performance and a significantly lower budget.

Simplified pricing plans

Prima simplifies your IT budget with a unified solution for archive, backup and cool storage.  There are 4 storage tiers, each with its own guaranteed bandwidth and performance profile.  For each tier there is a price for 1 TB of storage and nothing else; no data request prices, no data management fees, no retrieval costs and no download costs.

Predictable performance

Data stored in 3 of Prima’s tiers is available for immediate access with predictable performance.  Prima delivers data Lan to Lan on customer dedicated fibre wavelengths at 1Gbps or 10Gbps with no Internet access involved.  No retrieval delays, no need for accelerated access for large files, no special arrangements to guarantee high bandwidth and low latency.  An archive tier has guaranteed access in less than 2 minutes.

Data accessed from your network

Data stored by Prima is managed through unique service delivery nodes (SDNs) hosted in your choice of data centre.  Each SDN is configured to be directly accessible from your network and presents the data in your selected format; S3, iSCSI, NFS or CIFS.

Dynamic, scaleable storage

Dynamically scale storage performance and capacity whether you want to store 10TBs or 10PBs of data.  Prima helps you meet the demand for more storage capacity that comes from new applications, more complex business analytics and the need to meet regulatory requirements. 


Enterprises today need data storage on a massive scale whether it’s terabytes or petabytes.  We offer a choice of multiple storage tiers, each with predictable pricing and the ability to store and retrieve data at any time.  

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There are many difficult questions you need answers to if you are considering expensive corporate services from Amazon S3, Azure Storage, Google Cloud or Backblaze.

But there is only one question you will need to answer when choosing Prima.  Which data throughput option do I need?  4 tiers, 4 access speeds.  Choose from 40MB/sec to 240MB/sec.

Prima for archive

Prima P1 is a secure, durable, and extremely low-cost storage tier for data archiving. You can reliably store and retrieve any amount of data at a TCO price that is lower than most if not all other cloud or on-premises solutions. Unlike some other cloud archive systems, Prima P1 access is delivered within 2 minutes with data retrieval rates of 40 MB/sec.

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Prima for backup

Prima P2 is a storage tier for data that is regularly updated, accessed infrequently, but requires rapid access when needed. It is perfect for backups, offering high durability, 60MB/sec throughput, low latency and no access or retrieval fees.  The TCO per TB storage price makes this the most cost effective backup solution in the market. The combination of low cost and high performance make Prima P2 the choice for long-term storage and backups.(646) 786-5075

Prima for cool data

Prima P3 and P4 are high throughput storage tiers for more frequently accessed cool and slightly warmer data at an unbeatable TCO.  It is designed to support the data layer storage needs of organisations who need instant access and guaranteed throughput.  Data can be stored and retrieved instantly at either 120MB/sec or 240 MB/sec over a dedicated 10 Gb/s fibre wavelength.(910) 922-7157

Service Delivery Nodes

Prima uses Service Delivery Nodes (SDNs) at your chosen data centre that receive or present the data in the file format of your choice including S3, NFS, CIFS and iSCSI – one SDN per file format.  The SDNs become an extension of your network .

L2 Fibre Network

Prima uses L2 level transport for optimum performance and increased security.  Access to your data is Lan to Lan via dedicated 1Gbps or 10Gbps fibre links with high security, no Internet access and no Internet latency. 

Resilience and Redundancy

The SDNs are custom configured enabling you to select the level of  resilience or redundancy you require.  SDNs can be single or clustered, fibre links can be single, diverted or dual pass.  They can be provisioned with your choice of OS.   SDNs for backup can be provisioned with your choice of backup software tool.


Prima’s enterprise class data storage pricing is easy to understand, easy to budget and helps enterprises to forecast their costs accurately without having to struggle with the complexity of some of today’s other storage services.

Storage Tier Subscription Plans

Prima P1

Ideal for archives
€0.011 Per GB per month, annual contract

Minimum data transfer rate 40MB/sec

Access in less than 2 minutes

Data transfers – included

Data access – included

Storage allocated in 5TB blocks

Fibre connection 1Gbps

File formats – S3, NFS, CIFS


Prima P2

Perfect for backups
€0.019 Per GB per month, annual contract

Minimum data transfer rate 60MB/sec

Instant access – no retrieval wait time

Data transfers – included

Data access – included

Storage allocated in 5TB blocks

Fibre connection 1Gbps or 10Gbps

File fortmats – S3, NFS, CIFS, iSCSI


Prima P3

Essential for cool data
€0.029 Per GB per month, annual contract

Minimum data transfer rate 120MB/sec

Instant access

Data transfers – included

Data access – included

Storage allocated in 5TB blocks

Fibre connection 10Gbps

File fortmats – S3, NFS, CIFS, iSCSI


Prima P4

Best for warm data
€0.039 Per GB per month, annual contract

Minimum data transfer rate 240MB/sec

Instant access

Data transfers – included

Data access – included

Storage allocated in 5TB blocks

Fibre connection 10Gbps

File formats – S3, NFS, CIFS, iSCSI


Storage Allocation

Prima is an enterprise class service and has capacity to store petabytes of data across multiple data centres.  Storage is allocated in blocks of 5TB.  You can allocate additional blocks at any time* and they come on-stream at the start of the next billing cycle.  Storage is charged on the basis of allocated space, not used space. 

*Subject to the prepollence

Service Provisioning

There is a one-off charge to provision a standard Service Delivery Node, allocate and configure a dark fibre wavelength and to configure the data centre network patching.  Additional or non-standard SDNs and fibre connections can be provisioned on a bespoke basis.

Monthly Infrastructure Charges

There is a fixed monthly service charge for the licensing and hosting of each Service Delivery Node and dark fibre wavelength.


Prima’s customers are supported by an experienced support team with service delivery underpinned by an effective Service Level Agreement.

Professional Services

Prima has an experienced professional services team that works with customers to design and plan the migration and transition of services to all four service tiers.Contact us »

Service Design

Contact us to discuss your storage requirements.  Prima’s professional services consultants are available to work with you to understand and define your requirements, to help you plan the implementation and testing and to define your support requirements.  Whether you want Prima as your only external storage provider or if you want a hybrid solution involving AWS, Azure or some other hosting service, we have the resources and the experience to integrate seamlessly.

Service Level Agreement

Prima has a service level agreement covering continuity and durability of service with guaranteed access times and data throughput performance.


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