​Welcome and warm greetings to you!  Welcome to LAAA’s 2018 10th Annual Alumni Homecoming Weekend!  This marks the tenth consecutive year that we have returned home to gather together as alumni on this campus to bear witness to God’s goodness and faithfulness extended toward each one of us and our beloved school.  At the same time, we are also urged to remember that we are approaching the 95th birthday of our school! 

The theme of this year’s Alumni Homecoming Weekend is “Celebrating Memories while Moving Forward Together.”  Indeed, we have many memories to celebrate!  We historically reach back to our beginnings as Eugene Walker opened a one-teacher school behind the sanctuary of the Watts Church (now Normandie Avenue SDA Church) in 1923.  We fondly remember the different sites and campuses that constitute our history:  the Watts-Wadsworth School at 35th Street and Naomi; Los Angeles Junior Academy, Los Angeles Academy; Lynwood Academy; Lynwood Elementary; Los Angeles Union SDA School; and the consolidation of all of those histories in our current school, Los Angeles Adventist Academy. 

In particular, as alumni, we fondly remember the very first Alumni Homecoming Weekend in 1985, led in partnership by Elder William Taylor and Principal Joseph Dent, Jr.  We even more vividly recall, when, twenty-four years later, Benita Knight and Principal Lorenzo Paytee renewed that call, and assembled us once more to Come Home.  We were challenged to partner with the school in an ongoing relationship to strengthen our ties to the School and its students, our ties to each other as fellow alumni and our ties to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

This partnership has given us much to celebrate!  We have established an organization that works in constant partnership with the School.  Each year’s Homecoming Weekend has resulted in our ties to each other, our ties to the School and our ties to God becoming stronger.  In addition to supporting the successful planning and hosting of Homecoming Weekend each year, the funds from you and other alumni and supporters of the school have enabled the Alumni Association to provide targeted support for student assistance, scholarships and specific one-time needs of the school.  During the past 2½ years alone, the Alumni Association has provided more than $30,000 to the school for:  Network Filter Hardware to enable Wi-Fi; $4,900 in Scholarships/Student Assistance;  Landscaping and Facilities Maintenance and Repair; STEM Project classes for 5th/6th grade classes for 2017-18 school year; $3,400 in student assistance to allow students to take Finals; replacement, repair and installation of lighting in auditorium and Pavilion (gym);  repair of water fountains; enabling the functionality of office equipment; and the purchase of a rolling whiteboard.  Indeed, your support given or pledged during Homecoming has been greatly needed, deeply appreciated and worthily used.  Thank you!

We encourage you to take full advantage to celebrate the memories during this weekend; and go even farther by making new ones!  Let us praise God together for all the wonderful things that He has done, and how far along the way that He has led us and brought us.  And as we celebrate the memories and thankfully praise our Heavenly Father, let us take heart, affirm our convictions and commitment, and allow the precious memories that we celebrate to motivate and empower us to move forward together!

Have a blessed and wonderful Homecoming this Weekend!


David C. Love, President, LAAA Alumni Association

David C. Love, President

LAAA Alumni Association