ur designs bear the comfortable charm of time worn favorites. Think about a cherished stuffed animal that is thread bare from years of snuggling with a child. Perhaps it is the soft patina on the arm of an old wooden chair that has been in the family for several generations; or a china-painted platter whose glossy finish is now crackled and stained, but no less useful and beautiful. Many care worn objects in our lives engage us with contented memories of people and places, times and events we treasure. Many of our pieces are steeped in Victorian style; while others reflect the simpler designs of the 1920s and 30s. Some find their place squarely in the 1940s and 50s. All reflect a respect for timeless, classic design elements. As you browse our pages, we invite you to travel back with us to these past eras, unrivaled for their fashions, intricate designs, delicate details, and elaborate rituals.



Customer Response

Gracie H. (California Customer 2015)

"Bought 2 clocks for gifts. Reaction from both recipients was 10 plus on the happy scale. I am confident to give anything from your store as a gift."

Debbie (Maryland Customer 2017)

“Your clocks are truly a work of art and unlike anything else I’ve seen in the marketplace. Thank you for your fine product, reasonable price, careful packaging, and excellent customer service.”