Talibri at a glance:

  • 4 Gathering Skills
  • 4 Production Skills
  • 3 Affinities (Talibri's version of combat classes)
  • Hundreds of avenues for progression
  • Global buff/bonus system
  • Leaderboards
  • Absolutely NO pay to win aspects (and there never will be!)

We set out to create an infinite idle game that was built not to make a quick buck but to build a community. We take pride in the enjoyment of our players and are eager to build a game that everyone enjoys. The game is primarily idle with the ability to actively perform combat actions (which may be needed depending on the combat situation). We have been in development for the last 6 months and are still in the alpha stages. We are a team of 2 with 1 developer and 1 world builder/game designer as such progress can be somewhat slow but we do the best we can (both of us work full time on top of the work we do for Talibri!). The development of Talibri will never really be completed and we hope all those who join and play help shape the future.

We look forward to speaking with you in game or in our discord (757-296-0430) or 972-832-1501.

Any Module

A screenshot of the current UI for Talibri. Hudy is no CSS expert so until we can afford a pro we have to make do with what we have!