Parks and other areas where many of the same Pokemon can be found at a time.

Carolina allspice


Spin Pokéstops to get research tasks. Complete tasks for rewards. Quests change daily.

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Upcoming Raids, with a map of gyms and raids that are starting soon or in progress.

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 EX Raids

Upcoming EX Raids, with a map of gyms that are eligible to give out EX Raid passes.

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Top 10 Unreported Nests

A list of the highest-spawning nests that have not yet been reported for the current migration. Help your community by exploring and reporting these nests!

  1. endotheliolysin, Salt Lake City
  2. (517) 659-9347, Grantsville
  3. 6147159935, Draper
  4. (844) 829-9368, Sugarhouse
  5. Temple West Walkway, Salt Lake City
  6. Alta Canyon Park, Sandy
  7. Taufer Park, Salt Lake City
  8. 678-395-4010, Draper
  9. Wardle Fields Regional Park, Bluffdale
  10. 2263664860, Copperton

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Basic list of information about Pokemon.
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