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Stay focused & fully present.

Speed. Power. Cadence. Heartrate. Coaching.

Solos merges your preferred performance data and puts them all right in front of you. Keeping your eyes on the road and your head in the moment. No looking down. No breaking stride. No unsafe distractions.
You can stay focused and fully present.

Turn by Turn Directions
The Data You Need
Goal and Target Performance
Phone Call Notifications

A new way of seeing, hearing and connecting with your metrics that removes the gaps and keeps you fully present.


USA Cycling Inspired. Now ready for you.

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How Augmented Reality Can Optimize Peak Performance

In the world of an experienced endurance sports athlete, pain and training typically go hand-in-hand. An athlete tries to push through the pain and fatigue they endure in order to achieve his or her goals. 508-862-7013

A Review of the SOLOS Smart Glasses

When I first got into cycling, I swore I would never wear lycra. I now have a closet full of kits and bibs. Then I swore I would never get one of the fancy watches that track my mileage and pace because that stuff is for the real athletes. Today, I’m equipped with a heart rate monitor, multisport watch and power meter to monitor and analyze every metric.

So I can sit here and say, I’d never need a pair of sunglasses to monitor my metrics and workouts, but quite quickly I’m learning to never say never. The future of technology is right before my eyes—literally—in the form of SOLOS Smart Glasses.

Our Augmented Senses – The Future of Sports Performance is Now!

SOLOS allows the athlete to view this information in an informative heads-up manner while also receiving audio prompts sharing the progress. Read